Dog Daycare

Dogs can begin attending daycare after passing an  assessment. Pet owners are able to drop-off or pick-up their dogs between the hours of 6:00 AM and 7:30 PM. Monday through Friday.

Dog Daycare is a supervised communal environment where dogs socialize off-leash, in groups, with dogs of similar sizes and or temperaments. Just like people, canines require both mental and physical stimulation to achieve the goal of optimal health. Fort Fido can aid in reaching this goal. Dog Daycare provides another outlet for increased canine wellness and responsible pet ownership.

Our goal at Fort Fido is to create a safe and positive environment for canines to socialize in. We have four programs to accommodate all dogs:  PuppySmallMedium, and  Large. The dogs are monitored by staff members who reinforce appropriate behaviors and basic commands. Excessive barking is kept to a minimum, allowing us to care for our dogs most effectively. At Fort Fido we communicate with the dogs in a language they can easily understand making your pet’s day, or night, the best it can be.