Overnight Boarding

Dogs can begin boarding overnight after passing their assessment. Boarding at Fort Fido is offered every single day of the year! Dogs can stay one night or several weeks and pet owners are able to drop-off or pick-up their dogs between the hours of 6:00 AM and 7:30 PM. Monday through Sunday, including all holidays.

Here at Fort Fido, dogs are boarded in a non-traditional way. A Fort Fido staff member is always here during the night monitoring behavior. Because we are here with them, the dogs are able to stay in the play areas together on their beds throughout the night. Some dogs are more comfortable sleeping in a crate at night which is also an option.

At Fort Fido, we strive to make your pet's overnight stay the best it can be!

If you would like to expedite the check-in process, feel free to fill out this form and bring it with you when dropping off your dog.

Boarding Intake Form