Dog Daycare

Daily Rate

Half Day (5 hours or less)

$ 36

5 Half Days ($175)

$ 35/day

12 Day Package ($480)

$ 40/day

8 Day Package ($328)

$ 41/day

4 Day Package ($168)

$ 42/day

1 Day

$ 46/day


$ 40

*(Prescheduled, prepaid, and non-refundable)

Overnight Boarding

Includes: Daycare, feeding, and administering meds.

$ 59

/ 24 Hours

There is an $10 per day surcharge during our busier times. 


Daycare Multiple Dog Discount

$ 2


Each Additional Dog, Same Family

Boarding Multiple Dog Discount



Each Additional Dog, Same Family

(To receive the discount dogs must be able to share a Comfort Lodge.)

2024 Peak Periods
$10 per day
On the following dates in 2024 there is an $10 per day surcharge for boarding.

January 1st through 2nd 
(New Year’s Day)

January 12th through 15th 
(MLK Jr. Day)

February 16th through 19th 
(Presidents’ Day)

March 25th through May 1st 
(Spring Break)

May 24th through September 2nd 
(Memorial Day through Labor Day)

October 11th through 14th 
(Columbus Day)

November 22nd through December 2nd 

December 13th, 2024 through January 2nd, 2025 
(Christmas & New Year)